Ballroom dancing is the art of choreography

Ballroom dancing is, first of all, not only art, but also sport, passion, science, which can be combined in one word - life, in which beautiful movements are embodied. Sometimes they are also called sports, because they require colossal training and loads.
Ballroom dances appeared in the Middle Ages of Europe, over time they changed under the influence of other types of dances, and finally the form of ballroom dances was formed in the twentieth century. The only thing that changes this type of dance today is an integral part of any dancer - fancy clothes and shoes. During ballroom dancing, great energy of passion, tenderness, pacification, sometimes even longing is expressed - it all depends on the style of ballroom dancing.
Ballroom dances include 10 types of dances, which are divided into: Latin (Latin American program) and Standard (European program).
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