Features of sewing dance dresses

In most cases, when sewing dance dresses, you can face certain difficulties, which are connected with the choice of the basis of the dress, namely biflex, because it is this fabric that is most often used for sewing them.

In order to learn how to work with this specific material, it is necessary to have a lot of experience and to feel it so that the product is perfect and has a decent appearance on the landing. The ability to work with this fabric is a very important aspect in the manufacture of dance dresses and costumes, so that they are not only beautiful, stylish, but also comfortable, that is, the decoration on the dress should not fly away, the seams should not rub the body, and most importantly, they should be strong and not break up at an inappropriate moment, and the style and cut should be very comfortable so as not to constrain movements in the dance. And most importantly, you should understand that these clothes are used for energetic dancing, and they should be sewn with the highest possible quality.

Our atelier for sewing dance clothes and shoes SVS "Modern" uses the following technological points when sewing a typical dance dress:

Sewing a swimsuit (or panties):
Creation of the design and sewing of the upper part of the dress;
Creating a design and sewing a skirt;
Connecting a skirt with a swimsuit (panties);
Trying on an inner swimsuit with an upper dress;
Insertion of rubber bands on all sections;
Sewing buttons to a swimsuit (panties)
Sewing cups to a swimsuit or dress;
Fastening rubber bands and straps on the back;
Finishing the seams and sewing the skirt;
Tailoring and manufacturing of individual accessories, gloves;
Sewing on a vise;
Embroidering dresses and suits with various jewelry, beads, stones, pearls.
We want to share some secrets that our specialists use when sewing Basic dance dresses - from English it is translated as rating dress. It is a type of dance clothing that is regulated by various dance associations around the world.

When sewing a Basic dress, we use these basic nuances:

Dress cut - such dresses are sewn according to the "skirt + swimsuit" principle, that is, the basis of such a dress will be a gymnastic leotard, to which the skirt is sewn;
Fabric selection - we use only brand-name, tested and high-quality fabrics;
The choice of color - when sewing such a dress, you can use only plain fabrics of all colors, except for beige;
The right choice of accessories - only a small number of accessories can be used with such a dress, for example - a fabric flower that will match the tone of the dress

SVS "Modern" dancewear and shoe tailoring studio offers a huge, rich assortment of models both for daily training and for performances. We have extensive experience and will help you create a dance, stage image that will add bright and unforgettable colors and emotions to your dance.

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