Studio for tailoring dance clothes and shoes "Modern"

Dance is, first of all, an art, but it is also an expression of feelings in movements and plasticity of the whole body. Everything you feel and what emotions you experience can be expressed in dance movements. But in order for this image to be complete, you need to choose the appropriate attributes. These are, above all, comfortable and beautiful dance shoes and clothes. Our dance store provides a very wide range of products for every taste, we also have products for the most demanding and experienced customers.

Atelier for tailoring dance clothes and shoes "Modern" offers a large selection of goods for dances of only high quality. Here you can find everything for dance lessons. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, or your kids are into dance, our dance store really has what you need! Our idea when creating it is to make the service as comfortable and accessible as possible for the client, so that he can easily familiarize himself with the full range of our services.

When creating dance shoes or clothes, we first of all take into account the priorities and wishes of customers. In our production, only high-quality materials are used and we create a Leader image for a dancer, putting a little love and inspiration into it ... Our specialists sew dance clothes so that they are primarily comfortable and convenient, do not constrain dance movements, dance shoes is made only from genuine leather, and we strictly follow the technical conditions. All our products have quality certificates and are sewn according to all requirements.

Our designers will help you decide on a model and choose the colors of dance clothes that will perfectly match the dance style. In our dance store, you will always be able to find not only dance clothes for performances, but also everything necessary for both preparation and performance.

Atelier for tailoring dance clothes and shoes "Modern" invites parents of young dancers, dance teams and everyone for whom dance is an integral part of life to cooperate!

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