Dance shoes are an art

Today, there are many companies and brands that make dance shoes for both beginners and professional dancers. Our atelier for tailoring dance shoes and clothes SVS "Modern" has many years of experience not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. The main philosophy of our team is the desire and willingness to create products only from high-quality and natural materials that meet all the needs of dancers of different levels and different age categories.

Our atelier for sewing dance shoes and clothes makes professional shoes for dancers, our designers develop original, individual, elegant shoe models every day that will satisfy all the wishes of customers and will perfectly match the stage image and dance style. The specialists of our company use only the latest technologies and author's solutions so that the shoes are as comfortable as possible and at the same time have a very good design.

When sewing dance shoes, we use innovative technologies, namely

"seam-rotation" technique - thanks to this technique, the dancer can freely pull the sock, and it is very easy and comfortable for him to perform the most difficult movements;
Individuality - we have an unconventional and non-standard approach to the production of each pair of shoes, taking into account all the features of the foot, and for this we carefully measure your feet before sewing;
High quality - our specialists sew dance shoes only from high-quality natural materials. Our shoes have all quality certificates.
Dance shoes differ from ordinary ones in that they have an optimal shoe shape, high wear resistance and the use of only high-quality materials. We have a large selection of different types of leather (matte or patent), suede or white satin, as well as a wide range of colors with sparkles and iridescence. Our principle is to use only natural leather for sewing the soles, which gives the shoe minimal weight and, therefore, makes it comfortable.

Professionals of our SVS "Modern" sewing studio make shoes, observing the following parameters:

Shoes according to the European program standard - for men, these shoes are made of leather, have a very low heel and a long instep plate. For women, these are shoes with a heel from 4 to 7 cm, and most often with a strap for convenience, so that the foot does not slip during the dance.

Latin American dance shoes - for men are sewn with high heels and a short instep plate so that the flexibility of the foot can be improved. For women, these are sandals with a closed heel and a heel from 5 to 9 cm;

Training sneakers - for men are no different from sports shoes, and for women - we sew training sneakers with various heel options. They are very comfortable to wear than shoes and sandals.

Heel cuffs - perform a particularly important role for women's dance shoes, namely, they protect the natural lining of the heel and also provide stability on the floor. It is worth noting that heel pads should be selected according to the shape of the heel, and before putting them on, they should be warmed up.

The team of the SVS "Modern" sewing studio creates and manufactures dance shoes of European quality only, but at moderate, loyal prices. If you have any questions about the assortment, order method, sizes, delivery of finished products - leave a request on our website and the manager will contact you within 20 minutes.

We invite you to cooperate on very favorable terms!

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